Kohl's via Facebook

Khols doubles down

This week Kohls reached out to Candace Payne's family with a note and a ton of Star Wars related products. However, they aren't the first brand to start sponsoring internet famed "CeWEBrities." It makes sense really, if they continue to get traffic from people who enjoy Star Wars related products the hope is that she will make more videos with the new products that you sent. When it comes to influencer marketing, playing into the ceWEBritie's content series is smart. What is even smarter is surrounding it with intelligent content that can align products to the video itself. Here at 2Cimple we are at the forefront of being able to track objects within video and have it in our roadmap to have the video itself tell our servers what's in the video. When the video's can not only speak volumes to a customer, but speak directly to a server -- that's when the magic truly begins to happen.