Beyond the wall

There has been a lot of talk lately about walls, whether its in politics or the artificial intelligence community - there seems to be a thinking that its impenetrable. However, when it comes to AI and having it transcend beyond just code and measurements, there is a way around it. Utilizing intelligent content, many brands are starting realize the fact that user interactions generally lead to a sale. So, there needs to be a new age of technologically advanced content that will give brands the data they need to adjust their content to complete the sale. Coming up in a few weeks we will be presenting at a meet-up in Dallas that will unveil our newest take on how our content can help solve this problem. Be sure to stay tuned on our Instagram and Facebook feeds for more information about our latest roll out.

Khols doubles down

This week Kohls reached out to Candace Payne's family with a note and a ton of Star Wars related products. However, they aren't the first brand to start sponsoring internet famed "CeWEBrities." It makes sense really, if they continue to get traffic from people who enjoy Star Wars related products the hope is that she will make more videos with the new products that you sent. When it comes to influencer marketing, playing into the ceWEBritie's content series is smart. What is even smarter is surrounding it with intelligent content that can align products to the video itself. Here at 2Cimple we are at the forefront of being able to track objects within video and have it in our roadmap to have the video itself tell our servers what's in the video. When the video's can not only speak volumes to a customer, but speak directly to a server -- that's when the magic truly begins to happen. 

My server is up here.

What are you looking at? Oh, you want to see our backend? Oh, you meant our database... Well any who, we are stirring up a storm over here are making some changes to our architecture that will upgrade our platform for all of our clients. We are working towards personalization on a large scale and have baked it into our road maps for your ease. Starting next month, we are assembling a team of master tech wizards to dust off some parts of our servers that have been on the shelf for a bit and attaching them back into our main user-flow. This will essentially boost performance, we start to track and analyze data at a speed that has never been seen before. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks! 


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